It's time we have 

-30% are men and women over 60
-12% suffer from substance abuse
-17% suffer from mental illness
-17% are women  age 18 to 44

-Estimated 10,000 homeless

-3,500 estimated to be children

-Chronic homelessness up 26%

-28% effected by domestic violence

a unique approach to

Dallas Statistics

Most of us are fortunate enough to have access to life's most essential basic needs. However, for many gaining access to shelter, food, and clothing is incredibly difficult. Currently in Dallas there are thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness. Sponsor The Lost is dedicated to helping these individuals rebuild their lives by providing a year long mentorship program. During this time a care plan is developed and our mentors work diligently with the homeless participant to set goals to achieve a sustainable exit from homelessness to live independently.

To end homelessness we must invest time to understand each person. Everyone experiencing homelessness has a difference story. By really focusing on the root causes of each person we can start to address barriers that are inhibiting them from rebuilding their lives.